A Labrador Story

Once upon a time in the Newfoundland village of Flower's Cove, there lived a you teenager named Rita.  She was the second oldest of twelve, the daughter of a fisherman.  During the summers, her mother would join her father working in the family fishing business.  Her father would fish all day and when he returned with his catch, her mother would help unload and process the catch.  Rita was left to take care of her ten younger siblings.

One summer, word came from a family in L'Anse Amour, Labrador that they needed someone to take care of their three children during the fishing season.  Rita thought, "Stay home and take care of my ten brothers and sisters or go to L'Anse Amour and take care of three children, and get paid for it."  She decided to go on the adventure.

During that summer in L'Anse Amour, one of the young fishermen took a fancy to Rita.  After work, young Cecil would ride his bicycle over to visit with Rita.  Sometimes he would tie his Victrola to his bike and take it over to Rita's and share some music with her.  Rita was smitten with Cecil and they were soon married.  This past spring (2005), they celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary.  So, the next time you're in Labrador, stop by the Lighthouse Cove B&B in L'Anse Amour and say hi!

By the way, L'Anse Amour is French for "Cove of Love"

http://www.bbcanada.com/295.html http://lighthousecovebb.labradorstraits.net/

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