Day 1 - Baie Comeau to Labrador City

Entering Quebec Manic One Dam How Far to Labrador???? Hwy 389 North of Baie Comeau Manic Two Dam Manic Three DamOne of Many Ponds along the Road Hwy 389 South of Manic Five Dam Manic Five Dam Hwy 389 North of Manic Five Dam Don't Throw Trash in My Home!!!!  Manicouagan Reservoir One of Many River Crossings Hwy 389 South of Relais-Gabriel Hwy 389 North of Relais-Gabriel Hart Jaune River Hwy 389 Hwy 389 at Site of Former Town of Gagnon Brief Pavement at 52nd Parallel Hwy 389 Looking North Towards Firelake Hwy 389 Between Firelake and Fermont Hwy 389 Near Fermont Iron Mine at Fermont Town of Fermont Welcome to Labrador Welcome to Labrador City Labrador City

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