Ephesus (Efes), Turkey

Pictures Divided by Era

3m tall Statue of Artemis at Ephesus Eros (Cupid) at Ephesus nike Temple of Athena Temple of Artemis
Ancient Greek Period
CelciusLibraryFacade Ephesus Celsus Library side Gate Ephesus Temple to Diocletian Ephesus Temple to Trajan Ephesus Temple to Domitian Ephesus Bathhouse Byzantine Public Restroom Ephesus Lower City 2 Ephesus Lower City 1 Ephesus Upper Street Ephesus Street from Upper City to Lower City Ephesus Hadrians Temple and Celsus Library Ephesus Lower Agora Ephesus Street to Harbor 1 Ephesus Street to Harbor 2 Ephesus Theater Romanivorycarving Aquaduct and Cisternth Cistern and Me Ephesus Upper City
Roman Period
Ephesus Small Theater St John Church Martyrium 2 st luke tomb Tom at Meryemana (Mary's House) 2 Inside-Virgin Mary's Altar inside Marys House
Early Christian
Church of the Council Ephesus 1 Church of the Council Ephesus 2ChurchoftheCouncil Church of the Council Ephesus St John Church Early looking out north entrance St John church and Ayasoluk Castle St John Church looking south into north entrance St John Church looking southeastSt John Church Looking thru Narthex past Alter to Martyrium St John Church looking west St John Church Old City Gate St John Church Early Marble Carving St John Church Bapistry St John church 12 Century Iconography Aquaduct and Cistern and Ayasoluk Castle Ayasoluk Castle 2 Ephesus Byzantine Fortress
Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire (Christian Greeks)
         Alpaslan Camii 14th Century 2 Isa Bey Camii 2 Isa Bey Camii 5 Isa Bey Camii 7 Isa Bey Camii inside
Selcuk (Seljuk) Turk (Pre-Ottoman)
View from Bulbul Dagi (Nightingale Mountain) of Ayasoluk Hill St Johns Basilica Isa Bey Camii and Selcuk Ephesus Protestant Church 2 Turkish Moslem Summer Dress
Modern (City of Seluk)

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